• Mightyplate

    got this from alex via meepchat.

    We asked him out the limited system works and this is how he responded.

    Basically, when someone wants to buy a limited when it first comes out, the users added to a queue for a cronjob to handle.

    cronjob goes through the queue 1 by 1 giving the users their asset.

    the 'confirming purchase' message appears until the cronjob reaches them and tell them the purchase was successful/failed (cuz item sold out or something)

    None know who cronjob is because alex failed to explain him, shortly after someone created the account cronjob for trolling reasons.

    Then I asked him: Will non-plus sell limiteds?

    Alex: Micro, yes

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  • Mightyplate

    Hey guys microchip here just updating the theme a little with a lean towards blue, because something about meepcity just screams bright blue. Tell me what you think!

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  • Mightyplate

    First Blog Post!

    April 15, 2014 by Mightyplate

    Hey guys! Mightyplate here/Microchip (on meep city) Here with a first blogpost news and other things about meepcity and the wiki will be showcased on the blog!

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