The forums was a place where meeps could interact and chat with other meeps about various topics.

MeepCity Forums

This is usually the most common way of communication for players, competitioning babble and chat. There are several different topics on the forums, like gaming, MeepCity, trading, and giving the staff your suggestions. The most popular of all topics is Meep Talk. Meep Talk is a sub-forum dedicated to talking on topics related to Meep City. Eventually, MeepCity introduced BBCode for the forum. The BBCode that was introduced was a simple BBCode with only a few things, such as quoting, bullet pointing, italisizing, underlining, striking out, and bolding words.

Forums and Sub-forums


  • Blog (used to be called Annoucements)
  • Suggestions


  • Meep Talk (MT)
  • Let's Meep a Deal (LMaD)
  • Hi, I'm new!
  • Off Topic (OT)


  • Roblox
  • Minecraft (MC)
  • Team Fortress (TF2)
  • Other
  • ToonTown Rewritten (TTR)


  • BBCode color was removed because many meeps were abusing it.
  • You can't reply to any thread in the "other" subforum.
  • Threads can now be moved. (by moderators or admins)
  • There was a forum-wide rollback because of the amount of spam on MT.
  • The forums were attacked by 4chan on November 2014.